Eco-Friendly Designer Wooden Watches

Keeping track of time has always been a preoccupation of man. Sundials, hourglasses, clock towers, grandfather lighting, alarm clocks – all tools in man’s older quest to control time. Ever since the hand wrist watch was invented in the late 19th hundred years, a sizable number of versions have appeared: watches modified for the military, for underwater activities, for the peculiarities of outer space, for the blind and so on. Of the most interesting ones, we bring to your attention the solid wood watch.wooden watches

Inspired from the earlier pocket models, the wood watch very well serves those with hypersensitive skin, as it is hypoallergenic. Naturally, the key phrase “wood watch” does not always refer to a wristwatch made totally of wood. There are those where even the metal steel back of the middle piece is protected with  wood, but there also those with the particular straps made of wood plus some incorporate wood with real estate agent ornamentation for a more ‘vintage’ look.

From the point of view of fashion, wooden watches are quite satisfying, because they are each hand made, the particularities of real wood not permitting line developing. Perhaps unexpectedly, there are quite a number of colors available, ranging from dark ebony to light maple. This way, each design is unique – furthermore, once one starts putting on it, the skin’s natural skin oils slowly but surely blend in the wood, rendering it quite the personal item. Also, wooden texture and color changes in time, becoming ramming packed and glamorous with era.

The benefits associated with within real wooden watches every day include perceptible comfort because of significant lightness. Also, since wooden is not controlled by cold weather variations in the same way that metal is, such a wristwatch is quite durable. For folks attuned with character, a wood watch helps maintain and strengthen that connection, giving one a sense of being nearer to the eternal benefits of mother earth.

While for the Eco-friendly part, there are indeed some manufacturers who pay increased attention to this aspect – the raw materials originates from a lasting forest where another forest is planted for each and every one used, the movement is computerized and require the use of batteries, and even shipping is carried out by sea rather than air – all bringing about a much reduced carbon impact.

Warranty: the initial thing that you need to consider when you plan to buy a wristwatch is the warrantee period. The warrantee acts as a make sure in case you face any difficulties with your watch within the stipulated period mentioned, it will be easy to get it repaired or substituted without the hassle.wooden watches

Sort of watch: there are so many different styles of watch in the market that you are sure to get spoilt for alternatives. You will find formal styles and informal styles. You can select from digital and analogue variety. Leather rings, material bands are another popular option. You may select for Fashion wood watch as well. They may be quite stylish and sassy to say the least.


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Why Spirulina is treated as Powerhouse Health Supplement

If you are the people who give more importance to health then you need to know about the importance of Spirulina energy Supplement. The vital minerals and proteins that are required to human body can be available with Spirulina powder. This is blue green algae found in the warm water places like ponds, lakes and rivers.

Buy Now The chlorophyll inside Spirulina grabs the sunlight and turns into vital minerals. This supplement is found in both powder and tablets form for consumption. You can mix with water or fruit juice to intake the supplement. A 3 grams powder cans enough to keep you active all day. The minerals from the supplement will activate your body enzymes that help to perform better operations. Here are some top reasons to consider the Spirulina powder as energy supplement.

Importance of Spirulina powder:

The Organic Spirulina powder is rich in minerals and vitamins that are most essential to human body. This helps to activate the body cell and nerves and turns them into fresh state. The vital minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium will make your body fit and boosts immune system.

  • Spirulina supplement is rich in several minerals. One tea spoon of Spirulina gives you beta-carotene that you get from six carrots. It also gives immense power that you get from energy foods like milk, eggs, bananas, meat, beef, fruits and vegetables. According to a research 20 grams of Spirulina can provide power equivalent to three meals a day.
  • This supplement is very well known on offering calcium to human body. It helps to strengthen the bones by providing right quantity of calcium. The bone deficiency is most often problem seen in middle age people. Taking Spirulina powder can provide power to bones and makes them stronger than before.
  • Iron is most required mineral to human body that helps to have nice blood flow to heart. The Spirulina powder is rich in iron content and provides you right quantity of this mineral. The iron increases hemoglobin quantity in blood and supplies oxygen carrying blood to heart. This process helps to decrease heart strokes, chest pains and etc problems.Buy Now
  • The Spirulina powder also has many other benefits as they boosts up immune system, enhances the metabolism, and increases the strength of bones and muscles, reducing the chances of cancers and so on. Taking right quantity of this supplement will give several health benefits to human body in different ways.


Spirulina powder is available in different sources that you can purchase. It is available in any local herbals stores or you can also purchase from online shopping sites. With the importance of this energy supplement, many companies are started producing this super food. Purchasing this powder from online stores will give more benefits than from local store. You can get this supplement from several brands and also they sometimes they offer with special discounts. Hence these are the importance of energy supplement Spirulina powder. You can Buy Now from online store to get this supplement.