Brother XR9500PRW – Who Should Use This Sewing Machine?

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Brother XR9500PRW is literally one of the best sewing machines out there. It comes with seven presser feet, including blind stitch foot, monogramming foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, zigzag foot, over-casting foot, and button foot, at no extra cost. You can easily adjust these feet. It also features digital display to suggest the right foot for a particular project.


These features are enough to give you lots of functionality and flexibility. But you can also choose to buy extra presser feet to expand your possibilities and create various stitches. You may learn more at our video review


Who Could Use This Machine?



You can easily learn and use this machine. So, it is the best choice for the beginners. You can simply start wherever you want and grow up to learn different things. This machine is capable to serve you as you expand your capabilities. Its 3-speed slider is handy to those learning craft of quilting and sewing.



If you are an intermediate sewer who has outgrown your basic models, it’s time to use this machine.



Advanced users still love different stitches out there, work table for quilting and automatic buttonholes. Advanced users don’t get the features like manual control for presser foot pressure, knee lifter, and bigger throat space in most machines. It is up to your usage needs. If you work on heavy duty projects, you may not want to buy Brother XR9500PRW.



Brother is literally one of the reputed and well known sewing machine brands in the market for all good reasons. They are known to make reasonably priced and decent quality machines. They provide 25 years of warranty on this product. Brother sewing machine literally works well out of the box. If you have any problem when you first get the product or under warranty period, you can rest assured that you can get it fixed.


Can Brother XR9500 Deal with Upholstery Fabrics?

Brother XR9500 is capable to handle various types of fabrics, even upholstery. But you need to read the instructions when working with thicker fabric. Be sure to use proper needle. Most users reported no problem while sewing on thicker fabrics. So, they take time and use needle properly. Keep in mind that this is not for industrial purpose. So, I won’t recommend it honestly for this purpose. If you force it to the limit consistently, you will report trouble. But it happens to all the machine brands you opt in this price range.


In most cases, it works with denim and you won’t have any problem. It is sturdy enough to make denim purses or shoulder bags, and to sew on patches. However, with thick hems, you would have tough time. So, choose the right needle.

When Your Eyelashes Have Fallen Out How Fast Will They Grow Back?

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For every woman, the eyelashes are very important for every woman.  A lot of ways are there which you can do to grow your eyelashes back and have them looking amazing. So how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back? Here’s how?

Eyelash 101

You should be aware that t your eyelashes have a more practical use despite the fact that they are secondarily a “beauty” detail to call it such. Also, their use is to protect your eyes from dirt. In many cultures across the world, if a woman has long eyelashes, it is a sign of femininity. Even if you don’t have long eyelashes many options are there which can help you to rectify this.

How Much Time Does It Take To Grow Your Eye Lashes Back?

There are many people who panic whenever their eyelashes fall off, but this is a normal cycle and it happens from time to time. Activities like pillows and false lashes heavy mascara; eyelash curlers, wiping your eyes rigorously s and makeup removal are all factors that can influence this process.

If you’re worried as to how to grow them back hard, then you shouldn’t, because similar to hair, it is in cycles that the growth of your eyelashes takes place. This may include a growing and a resting phase. When the resting phase is over, the hair will fall out. It means that t new hair will soon come out. If you are interested to know how fast eyelashes grow back will be between one to six months.

Taking Care Of Your Lashes

    Dump all the makeup every four to six months

    It becomes necessary for you to take very good care of your eyelashes if you don’t want them to fall. That is why you should:

    You should be gentle with your eyelashes

    You should not rub your  eyelashes too hard

    Use an eyelash that has been recommended as an enhancement product

How To Get Long Eyelashes?

If you wish to know how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back then apply this tip and it has proven that much effort is not needed to have great looking eyelashes.

If you wish to do that, it becomes necessary for you to make use of a makeup remover, but also emu oil, soap, olive oil as well as eyelash enhancement products when you have worn your makeup. You may be thinking of ways and means of how to apply makeup because if it is not applied properly, it can make your eyelashes fall off. Olive oil or emu oil has been mentioned since it acts as a natural eyelash conditioner.

So, now you know the answer to the question “how long does it take for eyelashes to grow”. Hence, when you use these tips you needn’t fret about them falling off and not growing back fast. You will only have to ensure that you’re diligent and you’ll love how your new eyelashes will look!

Bosch 4100-09 Review – Table Saw with Digital Rip Fence and Gravity-Rise Stand

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Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw is literally a very user-friendly unit for both starters and professionals. Its portable design is its center of attraction. It is a very flexible unit. When it comes to safety, precision, and price, Bosch Table Saw 4100 is very amazing. You would expect hefty price, but Bosch literally ensured to make it accessible even for those with a low budget.


Thanks to its sturdy wheeled base, Bosch 4100 is the most remarkable table saw. Along with mobility, it also reduces fatigue as you can easily adjust it the way you like. Hence it is known to be very mobile and adjustable.

When it comes to durability, the materials used in this machine in different components are reliable and sturdy. It has literally got a high level of accuracy, and you literally won’t have problems with precision in this table saw. Be sure to make all the adjustments you need while unboxing the tool before turning this unit on. The user manual is well-written and includes everything you need to know.


Despite having good security measures, it has few of the basic parts like anti-kickback system and blade guard. Beware of kickbacks as they may cause injuries if you are not careful enough. However, units can prevent it with anti-kickback system very efficiently. The blade guard is a clean addition to this heavy-duty tool which is extremely very versatile, and it is very helpful to keep you sound and safe. It is also very convenient to use the large on/off button for a lot of safety reasons.

Dust Extraction

The dust extraction port is placed well. It means you won’t face any unwanted experience with sawdust in the air. It comes with good dust collection port. So, you may get some debris flying around the area. So, you would want to use protective goggles to avoid dust issues.


Wheeled base is something unique part of this machine. Rather than carrying it around the work area, you just have to roll it on the wheels. You may not know how useful it is and how handy it can be, especially when you get started.

Another good thing about this tool is that it is easy to find accessories and parts. You can get most of the major auxiliary accessories in all the well-equipped hardware stores for this table saw.


Most people find it quite expensive as compared to other models in the same category. But don’t forget that it is made by Bosch, a reputed brand in producing heavy duty tools. Some people also don’t like its origin country, Taiwan. It is assembled there, but their Quality Control department does an excellent job.




Singer 4423 Review – Because Serious Sewing Needs Something Tough

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If you are professional in sewing, you may want to buy a heavy duty machine at some point in time. Singer 4423 is a heavy duty machine with metal frame which remains steady, no matter how heavy the fabric is. If you are sewing more number of fabrics and it’s taking a lot of time, it’s time to buy a faster machine. This Singer 4423 Review is a serious contender.

Singer is itself a synonymous with reliability and quality for decades and Singer 4423 sewing machine lives up to its mark. It has got a metal frame which adds much-needed stability to avoid skipping while doing it with tough fabrics. This way, it lasts longer and stands up to wear and tear. This way, there is no need to worry about buying a replacement or sending it for repair.

It also has stainless steel bed plate for smooth fabric feeding, especially at the power and speed that it requires the most. With up to 1100 stitches per minute of speed, you can easily save a lot of time. The motor has been designed well to withstand the pressure of heavy sewing and it is supposed to be 60% stronger than traditional sewing machines. It is not that heavy as it is supposed to be, as it weighs just 15lbs. It can easily be moved to change the working place.

Key Features

Being a heavy duty sewing machine doesn’t mean to be heavy in weight. It has got a lot of useful features to work in different ways. An auto needle threader and drop-in bobbin are integrated in the machine to save your time from the very beginning.

It has drop feed lever when it comes to do free-moving embroidery or sewing the button. You can easily make the buttonholes you like.

This machine includes 23 in-built stitches, 4 presser feet, and 3 needle positions. It also includes a lot of goodies like adjustable pressure control for presser foot and high foot lifter. Most of the accessories are included in this machine.


The ultimate selling point of this sewing machine is obviously its durability and stability. Along with it, the machine is surprisingly quite, which is an added bonus, when other machines might start to annoy your family members in another room. This way, Singer 4423 can keep your work going without having to disturb your children in studies. Another surprising thing is its ease of use. Even a beginner can use it, thanks to its top drop-in bobbin and automatic needle threader.

Our Verdict

Singer is a reputable and undisputed leader in the market which gives you more confidence when it comes to quality of the product.